Prices & Equipment hire - reduced options during Covid -19

"We had a great session with plenty of takes and near hook ups(always better to get bends in the rod than a total blank).my nephew took 1 trout for 4lb from 3rd lake down. The fishery is a credit to you and we will definitely recommend it, see you soon" John from Exmouth May '14

We have a limited number of ticket options available for our re-opening on Wednesday 13th May - these will remain in place until further notice. Please book you place using our online booking facility here.

The options are below and payment can only be taken by card or BACs. If you wish to pay by card please click on the appropriate link below.

Day Ticket - Normal £31 (5 Fish from the normals)

Day Ticket - Specimen £46 (4 fish from the specimen lake)

Day Ticket - Rover £36 (4 fish maximum of 2 from the specimen lake)

Thanks for your understanding - hopefuly we will return to our more varied options (below) when all has been resolved :)




We have a wide range of day and season ticket options at Bellbrook. This is not designed to confuse but to offer something for everyone. We also offer a Gift Certificate service so if you want to buy a special gift for a relative or friend then get in touch and we’ll explain how it works.

We have three types of ticket, Normal lakes only, Specimen Lakes only and Rovers which are a mixture of Normal and Specimen. Please bear this in mind when looking at the three sections below:

How to read the pricelist.

  1. Decide whether you want to fish the Specimen or Normal Lakes or both!
  2. Then decide how much time you have and whether to select a full or half-day ticket
  3. Then all you have to do is decide how many fish you want to go for.

The most popular tickets are highlighted in red.

Season Tickets Season tickets are unusual at small water fisheries and have proved popular for that reason. The idea is that you pre-buy a number of fish and then you are entitled to visit the fishery as often as you like during the 6 month period at no further charge until you have caught your limit. This works really well if you just want to pop in for a couple of hours or if the weather turns nasty and you just decide you’ve had enough! Give us a ring or ask us next time you visit and we’ll explain in more detail.

Equipment hire

We can provide everything needed for the beginner and intermediate either for a half-day at £6 or for a full day at £10.

Day ticket

Type Name Description Lake Price
Normal *Catch and Release Day Ticket All day C&R and includes up to 2 fish Strictly Bodmin only £20
Normal *Catch and Release follow on Follow on C&R ticket to be purchased at start of session Strictly Bodmin only £5
Normal Half Day 3 fish ticket Normal £20
Normal Day 5 fish ticket Normal £30
Specimen Half Day Spec 2 fish ticket Specimen £25
Specimen Spec 3 3 fish ticket Specimen £38
Specimen Spec 4 4 fish ticket Specimen £45
Variety Rover Lite (half day*) 1x Spec. + 2x Normal Normal and Specimen £25
Variety Rover Classic 2x Spec. + 2x Normal Normal and Specimen £35
Variety Rover Delux 3x Spec. + 3x Normal Strictly one fish from each lake £55
Other Fishing Guide (half day*) £90
Other RoverLite plus equipment hire plus one hour with 1:1 Fishing Guide £62

Season ticket

Type Name Description Lake Price
Normal Normal 25 25 fish ticket Normal £250
Specimen Spec 20 20 fish ticket Specimen £300
Variety Rover 30 15 x Spec. + 15 x Normal Specimen and Normal £345