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(Scroll down for photos)  Heat One 15th March 2015

We have enjoyed some lovely spring days for the past few weeks and some of the afternoons are positively balmy!

The weather has finally broken and while it isn’t warm the sharp cold snap seems to have released us from its grip. The fishing conditions have been variable with some coloured water after heavy rain but mostly fairly clear.

Winter is definitely here with two or three good hard frosts taking the water temperature down to more normal levels for this time of year. Consequently the fishing is cold on the fingers but red hot when it comes to the sport.

Nearly all the leaves have fallen but the last few are still very colourful and combined with the leaf litter the autumn colours are still breath taking. We’ve been fortunate with the weather his past week with less rain and very mild bright days

Its been a quiet week with the weather putting off all but the most determined. If you like your fishing quiet and soulful this is a good time of year to get out there! The rain this week has meant we’ve had some coloured water but not all of the

Its turned several degrees colder this week and this had made the fish move slower needing a modified retrieve while the fish adapt. We’ve also had some heavy rain which did colour some of the lakes.

Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 24th October 2014

More rain again this week and fresh - almost a frost – mornings too. All this means the fish are getting even more active and this is good news for the fishers. The leaves are starting to fall and so of course the main fly to try has been the

The weather has become much cooler this week with the temperature dropping for the evening session and lowering the temperature of the water over night. So, inspite of the continued bright sunshine during the day, the fishing has been getting