Country Pursuits

One of our most popular days at Bellbrook is the "FEATHER AND FIN" days. These are held during the shooting season October through till January. Recently we catered for 15 top-level executives who were greeted with a hearty English breakfast with good coffee and a nip of something warming. They were then introduced to the Shoot Captain for a chat and to discuss the formalities of the day. This was then followed by the all important safety briefing.

The number of birds shot depends on experience but the emphasis is on making sure everyone has a good day with some good quality sport rather than pure volume. The morning shoot was followed by a good three-course lunch held in the lodge where there is ample opportunity to spend further quality time with your guests. Once everyone was ready there was a relaxing afternoon of fishing. We had an instructor and a celebrity angler to speak at suppertime and award a few prizes including Best Improver and a few booby prizes as well.