Fishery - we are now only operating as a carp fishery (June 2023)

"Very much enjoyed the visit despite the weather. Big fish came easily when the rain stopped for 2 mins! Chris did loose 3 and had a couple of other takes so was well happy - next time he will catch - just needs the practice! Will probably come again in the next couple of weeks and bring some other friends now I know where you are." Ian from Spreyton May '17


Please see our News section for an update on changes to pricing, payment options and the need to book as these were changed on the 27th July 2021.

The fishery consists of five lakes in a most picturesque setting in 40 acres of rolling Devonshire countryside. It is in Bellbrook Valley with the lakes being bordered by woodland and hilly meadows. Four of the lakes - the normals - are stepped down through the valley with the water cascading from one lake to the next. The fifth lake - the specimen is lake - is in the valley bottom where the Bellbrook joins the Iron Mill. The northern boundary of the fishery is the Iron Mill Stream, a tributary of the Exe with a good head of native browns and breeding rainbows. The fish farm adjoins Iron Mill Lake.

There is a wide range of trout fishing available; the lakes are all spring and brook fed and the water is extremely fertile with the adjacent meadow and woodland ensuring a good supply of natural food – consequently there is excellent imitative fly-fishing. This also contributes to the superb quality and excellent tasting pink-fleshed trout.

The fishery is open 8:00am to Dusk or 9:00pm (which ever is the earlier) seven days a week all year round. It is currently essential to book.

The lakes are stocked with Rainbow, Blue and Brown Trout. The fishery policy is to provide a wide range of fishing difficulty to suit everyone from the beginner to the more experienced. We do this by carefully managing the stocking levels in each of the lakes. We operate a policy of “trickle-stocking” and this way avoid the “boom and bust” fishing that can occur otherwise.

Four of the lakes (Bodmin, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Sedgemoor) are stocked with “Normal” fish which are upto 2½ lbs – but there are also a few surprises. The biggest lake - Ironmill - is reserved for the “Specimen” fish which are above 3 1/2lbs and run upto very large. Last year the average sizes were 2lb in the Normal lakes and 5½lbs in the Specimen lakes. For more detail on each of the lakes see the following “Lakes” section.

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