After much thought we have decided not to reopen the fishery for Trout fishing for the foreseeable future.

We have had to temporarily close the fishery until further notice as the weed is still causing problems.

We will update this page once the situation improves.

Many thanks


We are having to consider closing the lakes due to the excessive weed and low water flows. This is unprecedented for us having been here for 20 years and having worked hard in the summer months to stay on top of things.

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Here's a limited offer for our highly ethical, low carbon footprint Turkey, Lamb, Pork and Chicken with the lowest food miles possible. And it tastes fantastic!

In line with most other businesses we feel it is now OK to go back to more relaxed operations and are removing the necessity to book in advance and to have strict time restrictions on any tickets.

Please be aware that we are currently carrying out emergency works to Iron Mill Lake (specimen) The river is eroding the bank on the far side and we have no choice but to do this work now. I will post another notice when we are done.

Just a brief notice to say that we have re introduced the Catch and Release options to our ticket range.

There is a £5 Add on which can be added to any ticket so that you can be confident your day won't end too early!

Happy New Year to all our customers - we have to do our best eh?

Good Morning.

We have been open with revised, Covid compliant systems since Wednesday 13th May. It was great to re-open and it was quite a rush to get the new systems in place and proven.

Good Morning to you all and at last it is a good morning.

We have had confirmation that we are allowed to reopen on Wednesday 13th May.