How's it fishing? Latest fishing reports

We are having to consider closing the lakes due to the excessive weed and low water flows. This is unprecedented for us having been here for 20 years and having worked hard in the summer months to stay on top of things.

We've been enjoying the warm weather and have seen lots of holday makers through the doors - some of which have tried Fly Fishing for the first time:) The normal lakes are fishing well and producing some fantastic sport on classic summer methods

We were blessed with a classic day of fishing on the lakes having only re-opened today:)

There was a full turnout with everyone doing a fantastic job of observing the new rules and even managing the online booking and payment systems! Well

A big thank you to al those who attended the first of the Winter Warmers on Sunday:)

There were 24 anglers who braved the conditions - actually by lunchtime it wasn't too bad.

Its been a really busy week inspire of the cold and the lakes have been fishing really well. In fact over the weekend everyone caught their limit which is great.

After a blowiy week the weekend turned out not too bad and there was some good fishing to be had.

As you can imagine the year has started with the usual mix of atrocious weather combined with quite pleasant milder days that are very fishable.

The Annual Christmas Fish Off will take place at Bellbrook on Sunday 16th December starting at 9:)

After all the rain last week the fish are in fine fettle! It's been a cracking week with all the lakes producing well and most fishermen catching their bag.

Fish continue to come out inspite of the very warm weather. The considerable quantity of rain this week has helped freshen things but I've been pleasantly surprised how well the lakes have been fishing.