Pay for your fishing:-

It is no longer necessary to book and pay for your fishing in advance. However if you do want to use this facility we recommend  that you book your place using the Booking form before making your payment as this link will take you away from our website:)

Please select your option and you will be taken to our secure card payments provider "Square" - for multiple tickets you will see an option to select your quantity. If for some reason your payment does not go through please do not repeat the booking process as that will reserve places unnecessarily. Simply start the payment process again

We have three types of ticket, Normal lakes only, Specimen Lakes only and Rovers which are a mixture of Normal and Specimen. 


Normal Ticket - 3 fish - £20 The payment page gives you the option to add the C&R Add on

Normal Ticket - 5 fish - £30 The payment page gives you the option to add the C&R Add on

Normal Ticket - Day Catch & Release on Bodmin Lake only - £20


Specimen Ticket - 2 Fish - £25

Specimen Ticket - 3 fish - £35

Specimen Ticket - 4 fish - £40


Rover Ticket - 3 fish with a max of 1 from Specimen Lake - £25

Rover Ticket - 4 fish with a max of 2 from Specimen Lake - £35

Rover Ticket - 6 fish with a max of 3 from Specimen Lake - £50