Prices & Equipment hire

"We had a great session with plenty of takes and near hook ups(always better to get bends in the rod than a total blank).my nephew took 1 trout for 4lb from 3rd lake down. The fishery is a credit to you and we will definitely recommend it, see you soon" John from Exmouth May '19

Please note it is no longer a requirment to book and pay for your fishing in advance - however this facility is still available for those who prefer it:)

We have three types of ticket, Normal lakes only, Specimen Lakes only and Rovers which are a mixture of Normal and Specimen. 


Normal Ticket - 3 fish - £20

Normal Ticket - 5 fish - £30

Normal Ticket - Add-on Catch & Release* on Bodmin Lake only - £5

Normal Ticket - Day Catch & Release* on Bodmin Lake only - £20


Speciman Ticket - 2 fish - £25

Specimen Ticket - 3 fish - £35

Specimen Ticket - 4 fish - £40


Rover Ticket - 3 fish with a max of 1 from Specimen Lake - £25

Rover Ticket - 4 fish with a max of 2 from Specimen Lake - £35

Rover Ticket - 6 fish with a max of 3 from Specimen Lake - £50


We also offer a Gift Certificate service so if you want to buy a special gift for a relative or friend then get in touch and we’ll explain how it works.

* Catch & Release rules are listed separately and must be strictly followed. C&R Follow on must be purchased at same time as main ticket. C&R day ticket includes 2 fish.

Normal lakes stocked with 1 1/2 - 2lb + Rainbows

Specimen lakes stocked with 3 1/2 lb to very large Rainbows, Browns and Blues

If you are unable to catch on the specimen lake you are able to substitute 1:1 for a normal fish.

Max of two normals from any one lake

Tickets/bags are non transferable

Add-on ticket available - £15 = 2 fish from normals OR 1 from Specimen

Equipment hire

We can provide everything needed for the beginner and intermediate either for a half-day at £6 or for a full day at £10.

Season Tickets

Season tickets are unusual at small water fisheries and have proved popular for that reason. The idea is that you pre-buy a number of fish and then you are entitled to visit the fishery as often as you like during the 6 month period at no further charge until you have caught your limit. This works really well if you just want to pop in for a couple of hours or if the weather turns nasty and you just decide you’ve had enough! Give us a ring or ask us next time you visit and we’ll explain in more detail.


Season ticket

Type Name Description Lake Price
Normal Normal 25 25 fish ticket Normal £250
Specimen Spec 20 20 fish ticket Specimen £300
Variety Rover 30 15 x Spec. + 15 x Normal Specimen and Normal £345