Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 11th July 2014

The normal lakes have continued to produce some excellent sport this week with fish still being caught on or near the surface on dry flies fished wet or smaller nymph patterns. The Specimen Lake needs a good level of experience as these more wily critters have so much natural food to choose from you will need to present well and coax a serious take to have a real chance.

Mark Clark from Plymouth had a 3 fish normal ticket and landed 3 for 8-2 all on a Daddy longlegs. He was showing his friend Aubrey Mizen from Ploughill the ropes and obviously did a good job catching his three for 9-10!

Antonio Balado from Uffculme is a season ticket holder and is at the fishery two or three times a week so his wife Rita was pleased with his last visit as he managed 2 fish for 6-0 on the normal lakes.

Age UK fished the lakes hosted by local coach Sally Pizzi and her husband. A good sized group turned up with 9 anglers fishing with quite a range of experience. The best bag was John Prinsep from Taunton catching his two fish for 5-8 and Derek Yeoman from Dorset also had a good day with 2 fish for 4-12.

Husband and wife team Dave and Sue Workman from Gloucester went for it on the specimen lake and managed a creditable 5 fish between them for 24-12. Sue was the victor with three fish the best being 6-0 caught just below the surface.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.