Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 11th October 2013

Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 11th October 2013

A good week, the catching ratio has really improved as the weather gets cooler . . . about time. Jeff Knights from Clevedon, John Hobbs from Nailsea and Tony Smith from Lyney were all favouring Cats Whisker which the six 2lbers caught seemed to be attracted to that particular day.

Stuart Dean from Chelmsford caught a bag of two specimens and a normal, his favourite fly being one that had come all the way from Tasmanian . . . similar to a zonker, a massive yellow bodied fly, weighed with a red tail!

Novice duo Rosemary Norton from Ottery St. Mary and Penny Morley from Puddington had a day with a bit of instruction and managed to catch a normal with a joint effort of one catching the other landing.

Robbie Burns from Barnstaple took an all day Rover Classic ticket, fishing all the lakes as it was his first visit here. He managed to bag a couple of specimens and a normal finding a gold beaded green nymph going deep was pulling them in.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.