Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 13th June 2014

The surface fishing continues to be very prolific – so much so I can now officially say that this is the best year we’ve had in the 12 years I’ve been here. No longer is dry fly fishing the domain of the purists – it’s for everyone! Another tactic I learnt this week was the idea of fishing a dry fly wet. In other words don’t worry if your dry fly gets a little sodden and starts to sink – the fish love it. This has been working well with little black gnats, daddies and sedge.

David Hill of Ideford, Devon stuck to the traditional dry Mayfly and had two normals and a specimen for 11-12.

Adrian Gill of Exeter used a dry wolf and sedge pattern to land a nice 6lber out of Ironmill.

Shaun Henley of Somerton had five fish for 14-4 on a normal day ticket and mostly caught on various emerging buzzer patterns either black or green.

Gwyn Llewellyn-Rees of Ilfracombe also fished a day ticket on the normals and caught 5 fish for 13-5 using a suspending buzzer again. It tool all day to catch the fish as the afternoons tend to go quiet but you wouldn’t want to be done in an hour would you?

Andrew Williams of Exeter fished a half day on the normals and caught his three fish on a Black Peacock which is a traditional pattern similar to the spider – very effective with a 7-6 bag.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.