Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 15th November 2013

Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 15th November 2013

A busy week, the cooler weather seems to not just stimulate the fish but eager anglers too!

The Rover tickets, allowing individuals to fish on all the lakes, proved popular this week.  David Hill from Ideford was the first fisherman of the week to catch a full bag on his Rover Classic. Other Rover fisherman who hit the mark were Shaun Friend from Ivybridge and local Glen Maxwell.

A big favourite making a return this week was the Daddy Long Legs . . . on the surface, sub-surface and sunk! However this fly was being presented it certainly got the fish biting. Mark Turner from Plymouth was one of those catching with the Daddies.

Any fly showing a bit of green or blue was doing the trick too and tempting the fish on all three normal lakes, Exmoor, Sedgemoor and Ottmoor.

And finally . . . very well done to Geoff Surtees from Weston-Super-Mare who caught his first fish using a fly, Hares Ear No. 12 . . . I bet he'll be using that one again!

There is still availability for those who want to pre-booked their half price Rover Classic ticket, a full day's fishing on all the lakes, 2 Specimens and 2 normals for £18 . . . what a bargain. Remember only one ticket allowed per day and only one per customer so important to phone and book your place.

 Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.