Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 16th May 2014

The fishing has been excellent the last few weeks with more fish being caught than I can remember for a long time. There has been some surface action too with several anglers trying their luck with more traditional dry patterns – when was the last time you fished with a Mallard and Claret! The hatch has been prolific and there have been rumours of the first Mayfly seen on the top lake.

David May of Exeter spends some of his year in Cyprus but comes back regularly for his fly fishing. He took 3 specimens for 18-13 using an Appetizer fished at about 4’. His best fish was a beautifully marked 9-8 Rainbow – picture on our gallery for those interested

Dr Ian Pinwill is a relative newcomer to the fishery but he was back for the second visit in two weeks and managed another healthy bag of 2 normals averaging just over 3lb! Fishing the Rover Lite ticket he also banked a specimen for 5-9 but as far as Ian was concerned it’s the best quality Rainbow he’d seen at a small water – so we were pretty chuffed with that. He used a PTN and Damsel.

Robin Trusler and his mate Shaun Henley from Nr Bridgewater also visited for the second time in May and had 5 fish each from the normal lakes – Robin just piping Shaun with 13-8 v 11-8. Montana’s seemed to be their fish of choice.

Andy Williams of Exeter joined us for half a day catching his three normals for 6-12 in an hour. This just proving that timing can be critical with fishing – when they are feeding is a good time

Visiting the same day Colin Barnett from the Midlands had a nice day with two from the Specimens and two from the normals for a total bag of 14lb. Fishing with a floating line and a gold headed daddy Colin had many more follows and more takes than he was willing to admit. “Bit rusty” was his summary.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.