Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 20th June 2014

The warm weather has made the middle section of  the day hard work for fishing this week but the mornings and late afternoon/evenings has continued to produce some good sport. The flies are smaller to tempt the bigger fish but they are still taking near or off the surface and there is plenty of visible activity to keep you interested.

John Channon from Cadbury, Exeter was fishing with a couple of friends visiting the area and had two nice normals for 6-8 fished on a black gnat subsurface.

Ted Groves from Halburton also found the black gnat effective landing 5 fish for 12-3. He also used a Daddy and found this was most effective when cast to two or more fish just cruising – I think you call than “inducing a take”

Emily Pitcher had some friendly competition with some friends from her local pub in North Bovey nr Chagford. We arranged for them to have some tuition and then they all fished a 3 fish on the normals. The outright winner was Dan Effer from Chagford who managed to land 3 fish for 6-0 using a black green Montana – Emily is determined to have a rematch!

We also had a family group visiting this week from North Curry, Taunton and Monksilver. The champion in this group was young Toby Bennett (13) who managed to catch his bag of 5 fish on the normals for 13-1. He was victorious over his granddad Jon who only managed 4 for 9-11. Poor old Pete Conachie had three for 7-2 and had to listen to the barracking all the way home!

We had the heat of the Troutmasters this week too with the winner coming from Radstock near Bath – Ken Swift. Ken is a regular fisher here and will now fish the final at Graffam Water in October where he will fish agains the winners of the heats from all over the country – good luck Ken.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.