Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 21st June 2013

Father's Day weekend encouraged a few father/son teams to Bellbrook last Sunday. Ed and Andrew Porter from Dolton chose to fish for Specimens, they managed to hook a couple but lost them during landing. The goldhead damsel was working for them that day.  Clive and Lewis Penfold from Taunton had half a day on the normal lakes and managed to net 5 fish for 6 – 12 between them.

David Manning from Crediton came early one morning aiming to catch 4 Specimens, it was a  slowly start but he finished the day with all 4 and said using a bloodworm on top had given him a bag of 19 - 5.

John Carpenter from Dawlish fished the specimen and normal lakes catching just one of his specimens for 5 – 6 on a damsel and two normals for 3 – 7 on a Hairs Ear.

The good weather held for a 16 person Corporate event, bacon butties and coffee started the day and then the 6 absolute beginners were taken off for some instruction while those who could already cast could head of to fish. There were a few showers but a good day was had by all with a couple of good fish being netted too.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.