Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 21st March 2014

We’ve had a colder slightly more windy week with plenty of hard showers which definitely had an effect on numbers at the fishery. However that just meant more fish for the hardy souls who stuck it out who included:

Roger Holloway from Tiverton who caught 4 fish for 6lb total off the normal lakes

Simon Jays from Hampshire who had 2 fish for 6lb and was very happy with a 4lber out of the specimen lake on a damsel

Ian and John Connabeer from Totnes who between them caught 10 fish for a whopping 31lb using a combination of a Cats Whisker and Gold Headed Damsel at about 4 – 5ft depth.

Other news at Bellbrook is that the accommodation bookings are starting to come in for the season and with some great offers available we recommend checking that out.

Further to the announcement last week of some changes to the pricing and stocking structure - please check out the website for the details – this week’s news is the scheduling of a Bellbrook Open Day to take place on May 5th – Bank Holiday Monday. Watch this space for further information on what that involves.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.