Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 22nd May 2014

The Mayfly are here - that’s all you need to know. The action has continued with a particularly good evening rise and plenty of takes off the top. They are favouring Clinkhammer’s and Sedge but the upwing patterns are getting them interested too.

Alan Jaggs from Dawlish took the half day variety option and caught two normals on the dry using French Partridge Mayfly patterns – very traditional. That’s definitely the way to do it!

Rob Drayton travelled down from Ilminster to join us forthe day and was successful using a red buzzer fished at about 2ft and retrieved very slow. His bag was three fish for 8-5.

Father and son team Simon and John Reed fished a half day on the normal lakes and managed 3 fish between them averaging 2-8. The fish were taking just beneath the surface which makes for an exciting few hours.

Rob Hunter and his lad had an adventure camping overnight in their campervan and then fishing first thing in the morning – quality father and son time. They managed one fish for 2-2 – I bet it tasted fabulous!

Fred Bartlett from Exmouth fished the specimen lake catching 2 fish for 9-8 on a half day ticket. He stuck to the traditional method of Blue Flash Damsel fished at about 5 ft.

Robert Atkins from Curry Rivel in Somerset fished our two fish evening ticket (£12) and managed one fish for 2-8 using an Iron Blue Dun just beneath the surface.

Gavin Marlow from West Hill also fished the Specimen lake catching two fish for 10-6 on a half day ticket. Gavin was surprised by the strength of the takes and subsequent battle to land fish that were clearly in great condition.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.