Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 25th April 2014

And so the productive days go on with a very busy last couple of weeks. The recent changes to the prices and stocking policy have proved a successs and we were recently able to post record catch figures for April and reported the following on the website :-

April 1st to 20th Normals Lakes  - 104 fish caught with a weight of 257lb 8ox - an average of 2.4759lb 
April 1st to 20th Specimen Lakes - 46 fish caught with a weight of 189lb 8oz - an average of 4.1195lb

John Ridd from Frome fishing with a couple of mates had a storming day with 4 fish for 18-8 which included 2 fish from the Specimen lake and two from the normals. He was successful using a Blue Flash Damsel and one of his fish was good enough to be entered into the 2014 TroutMasters Competition – good luck John.

Amy McCruden from Exeter - fishing with her partner Tom - had a good day on the normals catching 2 fish for 3-8 on buzzer.

Graham Middleton of Wellington caught 4 of his 5 fish limit weighing in at an impressive 14lb. His most successful fly was the Diaw Bach nymph fished at 4 – 6 ft.

Roger Hollaway a regular from Morchard Bishop caught his bag catching one specimen and 2 normals for 11-11. His favourite fly was the GH Olive.

Ron Hawkins from Willand managed a productive morning – fishing a Rover Lite he managed three fish for 14lb using a red and black Montana.

Even though I have been here for 12 years you still learn something every day. We had a particularly wily fisher here this week determined to catch his bag on the specimens and he did it by catching fish lurking under the fishing platforms. He would cast to each platform from a neighbouring platform – and it really worked!

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.