Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 27th June 2014

Well we’ve certainly had it all this past week – starting with a continuation of the very warm weather and then the rain came! But that wasn’t all bad news as the cooler air and fresh water had a reinvigorating effect on the lakes bringing the trout onto the feed and very active. While the visible fly life was less abundant the sub surface fishing continues and so I can only conclude that hatches were still coming up to the surface. Tactics this week therefore relied on smaller flies on the surface such as a Grey Wolf on a size 16/18 or buzzers and emergers just beneath the surface.

We had fishers from all over the South West fishing the Bellbrook heat of the Fishing for Heroes charity event on Sunday. 12 anglers managed to raise £884 for this worthy cause and so a big thank you to all involved. The winner on the day was Allan Jukes from Wrantage nr Taunton who caught 4 fish for 13-4.

We had Peter Killow from Kings Nympton repeat his recent success visiting the fishery again to fish the normal lakes catching 3 fish for 8-8. His favourite fly was a small cats whisker which went against the trend but was clearly effective!

John Betts from Totnes also paid us a repeat visit fishing the Rover Classic variety ticket and netting 4 fish for 15-8. Obviously an experienced angler John was favouring the black buzzer near the surface.

Jack Renn from the Mount Pleasant pub in Nomansland fished a Grey Wolf on the surface to catch his two fish for 5-0 on the normal lakes.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.