Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 28th March 2014

The weather this week has been a mix of sunny and warm but with a cool wind on occasions. This made casting on Ironmill more tricky with anglers having to choose their spots carefully. However unaffected by the wind, the increase in water temperature brought the fish on to feed in all the lakes and some good catches were possible.

Miles Hapgood from Kentisbeare had luck on Dartmoor with his best fish weighing in at 3-2 which is a good fish for the normal lakes.

Jeff and James Baker from Newton Abbot had 5 fish for 8-7lb out of the normals. They’d had a sea fishing trip booked but the weather conspired against them but said they’d enjoyed their day at a small water instead.

Ed Porter from Dulton in Devon had one of the best fish of the week with a deep bodied rainbow weighing 5-2 out of Ironmill. Commenting that the fish had taken 10 minutes to land we are finding that these fish need to given time or you will lose them! This fish was tempted by a blue flash damsel and caught at about 3 foot deep.

Regular Mark Garland from Exeter fished a Rover Lite and had two fish for 6-8. His specimen was 4-2 and was caught on an Orange Fritz.

Pplans are still coming together for the Open Day in May and this week we switch to the new price list and stocking policy – please check out the website for details.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.