Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 30th May 2014

A mixed week weather wise but even though the fishing goes off during the rainfall it is straight back ‘on’ once the rain stops. The Clinkhammer and Sedge continue to be in abundance but the Mayflies and other upwings are in plentiful supply too. If you have the choice plan to make your fishing trip the 2nd half of the day so that you can enjoy some of the evening action.

John and Alan Davies of Exeter and Wigan fished our 5 fish ticket with John catching 3 fish for 8-4 off the surface and Alan taking 4 for 9-12. They were both determined to catch a fish off each lake as a challenge – this and taking them off the top was quite an achievement.

Tim Nickell of Bovey Tracey tried the specimen lake for half a day catching 2 fish for 9-6

Tim Neasom of Ivybridge went for the Rover Lite half day and while managing to land two normals for 5-8 was frustrated in losing a couple of fish at the net on the specimen lake – it takes more than just hooking those specimens!

Husband and wife team Gillian and John Reed from Taunton both had half a day on the Rover ticket and while connecting with quite a few fish they admitted they were rusty and struggled to land more than the one that Gillian had on a mallard Dry Fly. Good perseverance though!

Peter Jones of Tiverton was a bit more lucky and managed to land three lovely fish for 8-8 using a dry sedge – his summary was “great day – thanks”, you are welcome Peter.

Eric Bassom of Alswear Devon also had a great day fishing the Rover Classic and landing 4 fish for 15-0. Eric’s two specimens came to 10-12. Eric used a variety of flies but included some old favourites such as the blue flash damsel and bloodworm.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.