Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 7th November 2014

Its turned several degrees colder this week and this had made the fish move slower needing a modified retrieve while the fish adapt. We’ve also had some heavy rain which did colour some of the lakes. While that cleared within a day the combination of the two really provided good challenging sport. Just to keep you going the cake of the week was scones with jam and cream so the tea break was popular this week!

Local angler Peter Killow from Chulmleigh had a day on the normals catch his limit of 5 fish for 9-8. He found that the depth was less important but favoured an Orange Blob and Cats Whisker with a medium paced retrieve.

Father and son Nigel and Austin White from Uffculme had a mixed day on the specimen lake with Dad catching his 3 fish for 15-0 while Austin missed all his takes and had to put up with his Dad’s gloating all the way home. To be fair Dad did comment that it’s usually the other way round! The best tactic was an Orange buzzer just 1 – 2 feet beneath the surface.

George O’Toole came down from Bristol with two of his mates and bagged up on the normals catching his 5 fish for 10-12. He didn’t have a favourite fly but simply wrote “Brilliant Day” on his ticket! His mates had slightly less success so maybe that’s what he was referring to.

Bob Unsworth and Ian Pinwill from Spreyton and John Gilmoor from Willand all fished the Rover Classic and managed 11 out of their fish netting 5 specimens for 24-10 and 6 normals for 17-8. They used a mixture of flies and tactics but said the good old damsel was as good as any fly. They all used a floating line and good leader length of 12 ft or more which often seems to help.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.