Fishing Report for 2nd Heat of Bellbrook Cup April 12th 2015

(Photos at the bottom of the report) Again there was a good turnout and this time the weather was slightly more challenging with a bright sunny day and some occasional breezy spells. This combined to make the overall scores a little lower than the first heat but the anglers enjoyed the challenge. It was also interesting to see how the leader board can be completely reorganised – see below for results of this heat and the overall leaderboard.

This heat had some of the same anglers as Heat 1 but also some newcomers as you will see. The most popular fly was the green and white cats whisker and the most successful versions were the smaller size 12 or below. The specimen lake caused a few challenges – not so much hooking a fish but landing them. Several of the leaders from Heat 1 had fish on for 5 minutes or more only to lose them at the net! One poor chap (Derek) managed to connect with three fish before realising his hook had been damaged by an earlier encounter with a fence! Have a look at the photos below:)

Fishery Owner Chris Atwell commented “I am very pleased with the way the lakes have fished. With this calibre of angler you don’t want it to be too easy – but on the other hand you want plenty of fish caught. Well one angler managed his limit of 6 fish, two more only missed one of their bag and with three anglers on 4 fish you can definitely see it was a good day with just enough of a challenge.”

Results of Heat 2

Combined results of Heat 1 and 2

If you fancy taking part in a similar day these are taking part all year with The Bellbrook Cup and details can be found on the website at . We have extended the entry date to mid May.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.