Week Ending 28th June 2013

Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 28th June 2013

 A busy week at Bellbrook with the week starting off with some excellent catches. The dragonflies and mayflies are emerging along with the kingfishers making regular appearances on Iron Mill. Glenn Bearne from Crediton brought is friend Dave Slocombe from Okehampton along for a visit. They chose the Rover Lite tickets which allows anglers to fish all the lakes for half a day, they had a good mornings fishing and went home with three fish between them.

Dean Luckhurst and his dad Keith from Exmouth made a welcome return visit. Dean is one of the most successful anglers that fish at Bellbrook and his catches are always quoted to those who need a bit of encouragement when their fishing isn't going well. And once again Dean didn't disappoint . . . he bagged 5 specimens ranging from 3½ to 7½ lb in a couple of hours. He's got that enviable knack of using the right flies at the right depth. White and red flies and Cats Whisker, sub surface were tempting the fish with his biggest catch going for the Black Luckhurst, one of Deans own tied flies. He quoted “It was a hard fight on a windy day but a nice lumpy fish!”

A new fly to make an entrance in the Bellbrook chart is the French Partridge used by Alan from Dawlish. He opted for a half day fishing the normal lakes and used this fly to fill his net with three nice rainbows.

Lyn Price and his party of three made their annual visit to Bellbrook, they took Rover Classic tickets allowing them to fish all the lakes from dawn till dusk . . . a long day in the middle of June! The favourite flies for them were the Claret Buzzer, a Green Eyed Damsel and the ever faithful Bloodworm that always works well on the normal lakes.

Richard Forrest-Hill visiting from Norfolk caught a 5lb rainbow using a Gold Headed Nymph sub-surface and his fish was put into Troutmasters competition. He said it put up a good fight!

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.