Bellbrook Chimes April 2014

Fishery Stats for April '14, Open Day 5th May, Free Fishing Offer and Fishing For Heroes event 2014

The changes to the stocking policy and the new price list seem to have been very successful with visitor numbers increasing almost overnight - thank you! I thought there may be some interest in the numbers and sizes of fish being caught on a monthly basis - we can do that now that we have a better database in place. I would be interested in your feedback on this information - useful or boring?

April 1st to 20th Normals Lakes  - 104 fish caught with a weight of 257lb 8ox - an average of 2.4759lb 
April 1st to 20th Specimen Lakes - 46 fish caught with a weight of 189lb 8oz - an average of 4.1195lb


Just another reminder of the OPEN DAY 5th May - we haven't had too many confirmations yet so if you are thinking of coming please let us know.... There will be a BBQ, Bouncy Castle, Cream Teas, Casting competitions and more to the point 2 for 1 fishing for the day.

The 2014 Fishing for Heroes event takes place on May 17th. This is a very worthwhile cause and a very good day out so please see if you can get this in you diary and let us know:) Give me a ring for details is the best bet.

Free Fishing Offer - saving the best to last. Many of you will be aware that my helper - Donna - was poached to go and work in Tuscany - after the wet winter we had who can blame her! For the time being I've decided to manage without full time help but did wonder if any of you would be interested in working a few hours in return for a free fishing ticket? This is an experiment but if you are interested in learning a little more about how a fishery operates it may be for you - get in touch:)

Thanks from the Bellbrook Team