Bellbrook Farm offerings 10th November 2021

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Here's a limited offer for our highly ethical, low carbon footprint Turkey, Lamb, Pork and Chicken with the lowest food miles possible. And it tastes fantastic!

Our aim with our small scale production is to provide as happy a life as possible for our animals. As well as our ethical reasons this is borne out of a desire to eat the best quality and tasting product that is possible - hence rearing the rare breeds. There are no growth hormones, no antibiotics or anything else that would compromise this aim. We are only selling what we don't need and therefore some of the quantities are pretty limited! We have provided the facility for card payment at the bottom of this page so if you take up this option please drop us an email to tell us:)

1 - Fresh Turkey for Christmas
Order your fresh turkey - you may have even seen them growing. We literally have 5 left so first come first served. They will be between 15 and 20lb but that is a bit of an estimate as they are still growing! We are charging £80 - £100 per bird and will try to match sizes to your requirements but it is pretty limited:) They are slow grown and so should be wonderful:) You will need to be able to collect 23rd December so a good excuse to plan some fishing!

2 - Pork
This year we raised  5 Gloucester Old Spots. They had their own partially wooded 5 acre paddock and apart from there becoming more free range than planned at one point (they got out) they were a great fun! At all times these animals were roaming about and never penned or crowded in to smelly buildings - consequently we have had zero health issues - they are about as good as it gets:) We are offering Mini (£35) and Large (£70) Pork Boxes and the details including purchase options can be found at the bottom of this page. As these boxes are already frozen you can arrange to collect any time in the next few weeks.

3 Devon Closewool Lamb 
We have been slowly growing our closed flock of these wonderful local breed of sheep and the lamb is superb. We are selling half lamb boxes and at the time of sending this out we have just 9 halves available for sale at £100 each or £50 for approx 5Kg box. They are butchered locally and come back in meal sized vacuum packed packaging so that you can pop them straight in the freezer. We are waiting for confirmation of the collection date but it will be either the 24th or 25th of November. The details including purchase options can be found at the bottom of this page - let us know by email what you have paid for! 

4 Free Range Slow Grown Large Chicken (approx 2 Kg!)
As with our other offerings these are superb and such a contrast to the stuff you buy in the shops. We have grown them slowly so that the fat develops in the meat and have included a healthy ratio of corn so that they have that golden look and sweet flavour. These have just gone in the freezer so again more flexibility on collection dates. Either follow the payment link below or just get in touch the traditional way to purchase:)

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Mini Pork Box £35

2 packs chipolatas  (300g each) & 1 pack x Lincolnshire sausages (500g)

Pack of 4 pork chops (approx. 1kg)

Pack of 2 loin steaks  (400 - 500g)

Diced pork (500g) & Minced pork (500g)

4 pork burgers


Large Pork Box £70

2 packs chipolatas  (300g each) & 2 packs Lincolnshire sausages (500g)

1 Pack of 4 pork chops (approx. 1kg)

2 Packs loin steaks  (400 - 500g each)

2x Diced pork (500g) & 2x Minced pork (500g)

4 pork burgers

1 x Shoulder joint (approx. 1.25kg)

1 x Leg joint (approx. 1.25kg)


Devon Closewool Half Lamb £100

To include a minimum of:

2x half leg joints

Loin chops (packs of 4)

2x half shoulders

Lamb cutlets (packs of 4)

Minced and diced lamb

Leg steaks


Devon Closewool Lamb Box £50 (approx 5kg)

To include a minimum of:

1x half leg joint

Loin chops (pack of 4)

1x half shoulder joint

Lamb cutlets (pack of 4)

Minced and diced lamb

Leg steaks


Whole Slow Grown Chicken £15