January 2021 Open for Fly Fishing only

Happy New Year to all our customers - we have to do our best eh?

In case you are not aware there was recent clarification (7th January 2021) by the government that Fisheries are permitted to be open for fishng as long as the Covid guidelines are followed. Our friends at the Angling Trust have done a cracking job of staying in touch with government and communicating with us mere mortals on the situation. To their credit I think they have also been instrumental in lobbying the powers that be and getting this outcome. Please see their report here - https://anglingtrust.net/2021/01/07/fishing-to-be-allowed-during-national-lockdown-angling-trust-announcement/ 

We have had a few customers in since then and I am happy to say that the lakes have fished well. We have had a couple of mornings were there was a skin of ice on parts of the fishery but happily that has receded in the main by mid-morning. So yes its been abit parky but absolutely stunning and no rain - so don't miss out:)