Results of Bellbrook Cup 2016


This belated report is to update the website on the outcome of the Bellbrook Cup 2016. The final was held on November 27th and was well attended with 20 hopeful anglers all doing their best to claim the £1000 cash prize. But there can be only one winner and this time the (lucky) highly skilled fisher was Adam James of Radstock who managed to catch all 6 of his fish for an impressive 23-15. Adam hasn't been fly fishing that long but showed plenty of promise in the heats frequently getting better results than some very experienced anglers so all credit to this young man. The lakes fished very well but Adam was the only contender who managed all 6 fish (there were six anglers who managed 5) and everyone was happy with the result with no sour grapes/grumpy losers:).

The Bellbrook Cup 2017 will begin in April so watch this space for the dates of the heats.