Winter Offer and News of up coming events

Bellbrook 2016

We have been remiss and haven't been sending out too many emails lately so I thought I would correct that with a short summary of what's been happening and what is planned. Firstly I'd like to thank our regular customers for their continued support in 2015. It was a great year for the fishery with record attendance and good returns with specimen sizes in particular well up on previous years. 

I can also report that the first year of the Bellbrook Cup went very well with 27 competitors making the event a success and something we will definitely continue with. My goal this year is to get 35 or more competitors - so if you are interested in winning £1000 cash get in touch:) The dates will be published shortly.

We have been making an effort to write regular fishing reports on our web site and have also been running both a Facebook and Twitter page so that we are as visible as possible. This is something I have to keep reminding myself to do but the more of you out there "liking" our posts and re tweeting photos the more motivated I will be!

Not washed away - Winter Fishing Offer - 20% 0ff
In spite of the weather's best efforts we haven't been washed away and indeed the lakes are fishing very well this month. While the ground is pretty soggy the worst of the coloured water has washed through the lakes leaving them very fishable and crying out for your attention. So far in December and January our visitor numbers are down on previous years so please give us a boost and get out your gear - its only rain!! As a further incentive we can offer a 20% discount on standard fishing tickets in January and February - just bring a copy of this email - it can be used once only:) 

Winter Warmer Sunday 7th February 2016

Our annual Winter Warmer is always popular with those looking for an excuse to get out fishing regardless of the weather.  This event is open to all our customers but we do need to know if you are coming as we are providing all sorts of refreshments on the day:) Regulars will know that the emphasis is on the good natured banter and good sport rather than the competition although once the siren goes one or two do seem to concentrate quite hard!

We peg the lakes and have a pegging plan that ensures everyone gets a fair opportunity - you move peg every 45 minutes so no getting stuck in the doldrums. As well as a good hot lunch in the lodge we'll be coming round with warming hot toddies during the course of the morning - all designed to ensure everyone has a cracking day.

If you are interested please contact Chris on 01398 351292.

Trout Masters Heat 3rd April 2016

If you qualified for the Trout Masters during 2015 you will need to put this date in your diary so that you can fish the Bellbrook heat - no doubt Trout Masters will be in touch with you directly to let you know the details as per normal.


Thanks from the Bellbrook Team