Our annual Christmas Fish Off will be taking place a little earlier than usual this year - its Sunday 30th November.

This even is open to all our customers but we do need to know if you are coming as we are providing all sorts of

Fishery Stats for April '14, Open Day 5th May, Free Fishing Offer and Fishing For Heroes event 2014

After 12 successful years at Bellbrook the owner Chris Atwell has decided to mix things up this spring by tweaking the way the lakes are stocked and also by introducing a new LOWER price list to be effective 1st April.

Just a quick note to say that the Christmas Fish Off went well with 20 anglers competing for the top prizes! (Free Fishing, Port and Wine)

As most of you will have seen we are still offering the half price Rover Classic ticket up to Christmas. There is one per customer and we have been pleased by the excellent take up on this already.

The Christmas Fish Off will take place as usual a couple of weeks before Christmas - this year its on the 15th December.

As you will see from the fishing reports the fishing has recovered at last.

Hello from the Bellbrook Team. What a fantastic summer it's been for us humans . . . not so good for the trout!