Best flies & tactics!

There is a huge variety of insect life at Bellbrook and the lakes contain caddis, olives, damsels, shrimp, corixa, snails and pea-mussels to name but a few. The surrounding woodland and meadow provides a source of terrestrials and as the lakes are maintained as natural as possible imitations of them will work in appropriate conditions. Nymph fishing is the most successful but dry fly comes into it’s own in season. There is a brilliant mayfly hatch generally in June while sedges seem to be active all year round. Daddy longlegs fished dry or sunk are also favourites.

Without a doubt the most effective fly on all the lakes is the Gold Headed Damsel Nymph – but not always. Other popular patterns include Montana’s both green and red, Olive Nymph and Daddy Long legs. In the summer when the fishing is more challenging PTN and Buzzers have been fished effectively. Dry fly is very effective at certain times of the year and in the right conditions.

We are always happy to discuss what’s catching and you can give us a call to find out. Then there’s the regularly updated Fishing Reports which we aim to update on a weekly basis so you can stay in touch with what’s going on.