Competitions - The Bellbrook Cup 2017

The Bellbrook Cup 2017 - 1st Prize £1000 cash​ (2016 Finalists announced 10th November 2016 - see here)

Following the successful launch of this event 2 years ago please find below the details for the 2017 event and also the Heat dates. The one main change for this year is that we have switched to only 6 dates plus the final. 

The Rules:

There will be 6 qualifying heats between March and November with each heat having a maximum of 20 anglers. Each angler is required to fish 3 heats chosen from the 6 published dates. The day starts with a briefing at 9:00 when a peg plan will be drawn. The pegging plan gives each angler the times of the sessions and a peg number for each session. The start and end of the session is marked by the sound of a siren. Each angler will have the opportunity to catch up to 6 fish in a series of 6 fishing sessions that are 45 minutes each. There is a 60 minute break for lunch at 12:30 – all competitors are requested to bring a packed lunch. The day will finish at approx 3:00 pm. More detailed rules together with a sample peg plan are shown below - it will be held in the same format as all other competitions at Bellbrook.

One point is scored for each fish caught in a heat and an angler’s final score will be their total for the 3 heats fished. The entrants and their scores will be published on the Bellbrook website in a league table after each heat.

To make it to the final in November you will need to be in the top 20 places after the heats have been held. If there are anglers with the same number of points the weight of all three bags will be used to determine who goes through. The final will follow the same format as the heats and if there are anglers with the same number of fish in the final the places will be determined by the wieght of the fish caught in the final only. The cost of each heat and final will be £45. The dates of the heats are below and the number of places available shown – booking your place will be on a first come first served basis. There is no entry fee but on sign up you will be asked to commit to your 3 dates and to pay a 50% deposit for the three heats - £67.50. The balance will be due when you fish your first heat. You can sign up by writing, ringing the fishery or emailing and we will explain the payment options.


Sample Peg Plan

Competition Rules
Each competitor will fish 6 sessions for a max of 6 fish
One fish only from each session. End/beginning of each session will be one siren.
The objective is to catch the most fish followed by the heaviest bag
If a peg to your left becomes free you may move but you may not leapfrog
You must remain within one rod length of your peg while fishing
Single fly - No Boobies or Snakes
Lakes and Pegs:-
Ironmill Bodmin Dartmoor Exmoor Sedgemoor
Pegs 1-8 Pegs 9 - 12 Pegs 13 - 16 Pegs 17-20 Peg 21-24

Terms and Conditions of the Competition

Any entry to the competition is at the discretion of the organiser.

The competition is dependent on a minimum entry of 40 anglers. The maximum entry is 60 anglers. An angler may fish as many heats as they wish.

Entries are allowed through out the season until the maximum entry has been reached. 

The rules may be adjusted at anytime at the discretion of the organiser.