Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 15th May 2015

The Mayfly are well and truly here – but the hatches seem quite brief and unpredictable. The weather has been quite changeable and there has been some tricky wind but get your timing right and there are some classic conditions to be enjoyedJ

John Baines of Woodbury nr Exeter enjoyed an afternoon on the specimen lake catching 2 fish for 8-6. The preferred fly was a Peacock Damsel and the fish were caught 3 ft down.

Peter Conachie and his Dad Gordon from Dulverton enjoyed a successful day – although Peter seemed more intent on catching his fish than the more sanguine Gordon – a season ticket will do that! Peter’s bag was 7-2 and mostly favoured a black Damsel pattern.

Greg Mellett and mate Richard Hunt from Winkleigh managed to catch 8 – 8 and 12-0 making 7 fish for 20-8 – a mix of specimen and “normal” fish. Greg “won” the day with the best fish at 5-0 caught on a pink buzzer at 2 ft.

George Jarman from Bishampton had a nice morning with 3 fish for 7-9 from the normals. His favourite fly was an Invicta and the tactic was floating line and 12 ft of leader.

Paul Becker from Kings Nympton has finally finished getting his roof fixed which means his wife can be left unattended  and he can go fishingJ And what a day it was – 4 fish for 9-5 caught on a Hawthorn off the surface. Go Paul!

Robert Stephenson from Crediton had an even more successful day with 4 fish for 16-6 favouring a red pattern fished very deep. Robert had managed to make a good early start and was flushed with enthusiasm at managing to be done by noon.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.