Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 24th October 2014

Bellbrook Fishing Report week ending 24th October 2014

Well Autumn is definitely here! Forget your Westonbirts – you would struggle to get more autumnal colour than at Bellbrook at the moment! And the fishing is excellent again; the specimens tend to be favouring Daddy Long Legs and Montana’s whereas the normals are favouring the Buzzers and nymphs.

Regular angler Pete Simmons from Crediton paid us a visit this week and managed two out of the specimens for 10-6 using a Daddy with an Orange body. The best tactic was just beneath the surface and a reasonably quick retrieve.

John Carpenter and his son from Exeter had two day tickets on the normal lakes and managed to get a fish from each lake – good going. The lakes were all fishing differently and, while they didn’t know the names of all the flies used, it seems they were most successful on green!

Husband and wife team from Taunton Bill and Margaret Saunders had a successful half day fishing both the normals and specimens. They both managed their limits and will have needed to find space for 18-5 of trout in the freezer at home – a downside to bringing your partner with you! Bill ties his own flies and again their successful flies were not names but looked abit like Viva’s to me.

Any questions about the fishery please call Chris on 01398 351292.