Fishing Report 2019 so far....

As you can imagine the year has started with the usual mix of atrocious weather combined with quite pleasant milder days that are very fishable. One morning it got down to minus 7 and we still had a group get here dead keen to fish - unfortunately the lakes were freezing even as I broke the ice and it made the conditions virtually impossible to fish.

However we have had a couple of chaps try their hand at "ice fishing", casting into the gaps and havng some entertainmant as a result. One regular Chris Comer from Tiverton has become the resident expert on this technique landing several fish on both days using this method. He uses a stronger leader than usual with a goldhead of some sort and says "the main trick is keep them away from the edge of the ice"

The milder weather is definitely here now - some days are postively balmy! Those waiting for Spring to get out there should consider checking the forecast - its a great time of year to visit us and we are quieter this time of year. More importantly the fish go like the clappers tis time of year - they love the cold water and have the energy to really put up a fight:)