How's it fishing? Latest fishing reports

The warm weather has made the middle section of  the day hard work for fishing this week but the mornings and late afternoon/evenings has continued to produce some good sport.

The surface fishing continues to be very prolific – so much so I can now officially say that this is the best year we’ve had in the 12 years I’ve been here. No longer is dry fly fishing the

Again we’ve had a mixed bag this week with some lovely sunny weather but also some very heavy rain with a cold wind.

A mixed week weather wise but even though the fishing goes off during the rainfall it is straight back ‘on’ once the rain stops.

The Mayfly are here - that’s all you need to know. The action has continued with a particularly good evening rise and plenty of takes off the top.

The fishing has been excellent the last few weeks with more fish being caught than I can remember for a long time.

And so the productive days go on with a very busy last couple of weeks.

Another excellent week at the fishery and this time accompanied by lots of primroses and daffodils brightening the place up.

A real mix of weather this week with some good clear days in between less inviting days. However the launch of the new Price List and Stocking Policy has been well received over all and we

The weather this week has been a mix of sunny and warm but with a cool wind on occasions. This made casting on Ironmill more tricky with anglers having to choose their spots carefully.