Rules relaxed at last 27th July 2021

In line with most other businesses we feel it is now OK to go back to more relaxed operations and are removing the necessity to book in advance and to have strict time restrictions on any tickets. You can still book and pay online but if you prefer you can turn up on the day and check-in using good ole fashioned paper tickets. You can opt to pay in cash or card but please ring us to pay by card. As we are keeping the lodge and kitchen closed for the time being the tickets and box for your payment are under the covered deck around the back of the lodge building. If you are not sure please ring us rather than "wandering off"! 

As well as these operational changes we have been able to introduce a small reduction in ticket prices and at the same time have tried to streamline the number of ticket options and time restrictions.

We have removed the half day options with their requirement to arrive and leave at specific times which we needed for the stricter management of numbers. For instance where there used to be a 3 fish normal half day ticket with a need to state a morning or evening slot this is now a 3 fish ticket with arrival at any time and no time limit. Please take a look at our Pricing Page for details.

We hope this will generally meet with the approval of our customers so please let us know if you think somethig needs to be addressed.