Lower Prices, Bigger Fish and Open Day 5th May at Bellbrook Trout Fishery

After 12 successful years at Bellbrook the owner Chris Atwell has decided to mix things up this spring by tweaking the way the lakes are stocked and also by introducing a new LOWER price list to be effective 1st April.
The stocking will change by introducing a new minimum stocking sizes: the “normals” will be a minimum of 2lbs and the “specimens” will be a minimum of 4lbs. 
The price list is being reduced to reflect the new stocking policy. The new “Normal Ticket” prices are £12 for 2 fish, £18 for 3 fish and £25 for 5 fish. For “Specimen Tickets” they are £22 for 2 fish and £33 for 3 fish. There are also still Rover and Season ticket options and the planned new price list is shown below. The current price list can be found at www.bellbrookfishery.co.uk/prices-equipment-hire
To celebrate these changes and to further encourage customers to try the new policies there is an Open Day taking place on May 5th. There will be a BBQ, Bouncy Castle, Cream Teas, Casting competitions and more to the point 2 for 1 fishing for the day. All are invited although you are asked to give us a call to let us know if you plan to attend to help us with the catering.
Day Ticket Prices as of 1st April 2014